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He has rarely been present in the newsroom and reportedly is leaving Postmedia this month. What is the point in speaking to you and answering your questions if you never present the facts and the complete story?

I have my monthly economic journal reviewed and read by more than ten thousand people. In the latest statistic from Citizenship and Immigration, 9, Filipino workers entered Canada in and 14, in I hope in keeping with balanced reporting that the editor of the Vancouver Sun will publish my letter entirely in your column so for once after your numerous articles I get one chance to set the record straight.

Friends of Gamble have also begun to honor his memory on Facebook. There will be fewer people under 35, and fewer people of colour.

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Thanks to her desire to learn, the Vancouver Sun reporter is also a different journalist. I told you this several times but you continually chose to ignore it. Sources said Munro attempted to keep aboard as many reporters as possible by issuing the bulk of layoffs to journalists doing other jobs such as handling copy and web posting.

Vancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy

Passionate-observer, business-minded and community-involved, The Journal is the voice of Edmonton and northern Alberta. The last medical marijuana relates use mmru business licence issued by the city was in August, to Karuna Health Foundation at Victoria Dr.

There have been multiple waves of newsroom restructuring and never at the core of these conversations has there been any talk about content. What about helping your family?

It lasted 7 months and took us to 14 countries vancouver sun business reporter completely drained our bank accounts. Your inaccurate statement in this case was clearly designed to inflame anyone who did or would do business with Mr Eker and the irresponsible error in this case needlessly tarnished his reputation.

But the reality is quickly changing. No one in Canada, apparently, is noticing. Inmore than worked in the two newsrooms. Did the company hide its imminent lay-off intentions on purpose to achieve the savings? However, the short-term focus of Canada's existing temporary labour migration policy will not help the country realize its long-term labour market needs, and it is unfair to the vast majority of temporary foreign workers Some inside the newsroom noted that Postmedia offered a better deal for people leaving in January.

Beyond that we reporters get almost zero story development, or editing to speak of. That is one of many questions and rumours swirling around the newsroom now. When Friday came, many in the newsroom breathed a bittersweet sigh of relief to learn old timers like Stephen Hume and Brian Morton and Steve Whysall had decided to call it a day.

The cuts are nowhere near done, and with each round the newsroom is getting older, whiter and less versatile, said the sources. Award-winning journalists and innovative product development teams bring engaging content to millions of people every week whenever and wherever they want it.

The writer of this article was laid off by the Vancouver Sun in and subsequently founded The Tyee. I once again request that you provide a balanced response that does not continue to damage the club, shareholders and all the relationships that we have.

The other difficulty with this statement implied that we committed a securities violation. PNG, Postmedia and our entire industry face financial challenges that must be confronted. But any left who dwelled near the bottom of the seniority ladder were in no mood to celebrate.

They might run spell-check. Dan Fumano is back on the payroll. I also want to highlight how in your most recent article slipped in an association with a horrendous event like the Eron Mortgage Corp.

I have never made such a comment publicly and stated that to you but you chose to continue to write this in every one of your articles. You agreed this statement was false and agreed to retract it but did not do so.Classifieds of the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC.

Free and paid classified ads. Browse classified ads and free ads. Post free classified  · CTV reporter Bhinder Sajan takes a closer look at the economic gain B.C.

will see from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Story starts at Read More. Vancouver Sun: B.C. business leaders call for residential real estate data. May 31, Trade & Technology,  · The Vancouver Sun’s former parliamentary reporter Peter O’Neil has joined the Privy Council Office as a senior analyst.

A PCO spokesperson confirmed that O’Neil — who worked as the Sun’s Ottawa correspondent for nearly 30 years — started his The company has offered voluntary buyouts to staff at the Vancouver Province and Vancouver Sun newspapers, citing “persistent challenges” in the business.

Fourteen Vancouver Sun/The Province journalists win big at the Jack Webster Awards

Inside the Ugly Unravelling at the Vancouver Sun and Province including the Vancouver Sun and Province. once a Sun reporter and editor mourned the losses. Vancouver man’s homemade videos help explain #ProRep debate to B.C. voters Joel McCarthy said his four videos in support of proportional representation have already been viewed up

Vancouver sun business reporter
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