The health hazards of celebrating christmas

All can be toxic, and even pine cones and falling berries can pose a choking hazard. All that holiday joy adds up to at least a pound a year, but studies suggest that you never really take it off.

There are lots of reasons: Make a concerted effort to realign the focus of the holiday to reflect your spiritual or ethical beliefs rather than commercial values.

11 Common Holiday Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Stay safe by being aware: If you working with lights, use a ladder made of wood or fiberglass, not metal. Holly is also poisonous, and consuming just 20 berries may be lethal to a child.

The overwhelming majority of people celebrating the holiday will pass the season without incident. There are things you can do to minimise some risks such as have a flu jab, stay warm and wash your hands regularly. Most often, injuries result from falling off a ladder such as while hanging Christmas lights and other outdoor decorationsfollowed by falling off a roof.

Mercola More than 80 percent of Americans decorate their homes as part of their holiday celebrations.

12 health hazards of Christmas: From horrible hangovers to food poisoning

Assaults - many fuelled by alcohol - and drink driving both rise over Christmas and New Year. Unfestive fevers There are always more deaths in winter than other times of year, with causes such as respiratory and circulatory diseases, and infections like flu. Check for frayed wires, broken bulbs and sockets, and loose connections—those problems indicate fire and electrocution hazards.

Best bet is to make sure no one smaller than a holly bush gets near seasonal plants this year. To ensure you make it to January 1 unscathed, follow this guide to the biggest holiday health hazards and how to avoid them. If you buy your ladder in the United States, it should be marked with the Underwriters Laboratory UL seal of approval.

This is true not only of scented candles, but also of other holiday fragrances, such as air fresheners and potpourri.

The advice from Relate is not to play the blame game with your partner or family try charades instead ; delegate and share responsibilities, confront the issue and not each other and avoid sarcasm. The most serious accidental injuries this time of year usually occur outdoors Auto crashes.Common Outdoor Christmas Hazards Christmas is less than a week away.

People are finishing their rehearsals of Christmas carols, completing their Christmas decorations, and finding the last (or, in some cases, the first) of their Christmas gifts.

14 holiday health hazards to avoid

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Top ten Christmas health risks

11 Common Holiday Hazards and How to Avoid Them Keep the "happy" in "happy holidays" by making sure your don't fall victim to these common (but preventable) Christmas dangers By Tabitha Sukhai of A gallery of the top holiday health risks and what you can do to avoid them.

Yes, it may be the most wonderful time of the year but Christmas is top of the list for health hazards, too. And while it’s the peak period for colds, flu and hangovers, not all the seasonal dangers are immediately obvious.

Dec 18,  · This is the queen mother of the bad holiday habits.

The Top 8 Holiday Health Hazards

Most of us pack on a few pounds in the Halloween-to-Christmas stretch, but it doesn’t have to be that way, even at food-centric holiday gatherings.

The health hazards of celebrating christmas
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