The current trends in retail technology and the future of retail experience at the end of the decade

Smart parking garages will house electric and self-driving cars with elevator parking and, of course, shoppers can call up their vehicles via app. Shopping decisions that will be powered by augmented reality ARas well as virtual reality VRare among the top retail technology trends of the future, as reported in a press release by Infiniti Research.

However, it is important to realize that the bulk of spending and IT project work will continue to focus on omnichannel transformation, which is largely synonymous with systems integration and seamless customer experiences.

To further understand why shoppers seem to be moving away from larger stores, we need to look at another big trend in the retail industry: That also ties into a cross-demographic desire for walkability, with a majority of people saying they prefer walkable neighborhoods and nine out of ten saying they want to live within a short walking distance of activities in their communities, including shopping.

The pace at which retail is evolving is incredible and it is difficult to predict what House of Fraser would look like in 20 years, let alone five. Retail-centric apps and services are also common in the fulfillment space.

Now an SMB retailer can have its own mobile ordering app and its own internal employee management app, launched within days. Defined as decentralized, shared and distributed ledgers that enable all information to be exchanged securely in almost real-time in a peer-to-peer network, blockchains are an innovative technology that is expected to fundamentally reshape the structure of recording transactions, e.

They cost less money to open and operate, and they take up less space in urban environments, allowing retailers to capitalize on the potential of large population centers. We chart the diverging trend below. Shopping via voice commands decreases the influence of product image and web interface in the buying decision and increases the weight of factors such as prior purchase history, price and availability which are used to filter searches.

There are a number of ways retailers can better manage risk in the coming year. For online marketplaces and pure plays such as JD. Multibrand apparel retailing is far from dead. Retailers that localize their product mix and store formats will win.

The company has developed a communication tool for hourly workers, among which store associates represent a large segment. However, this figure is expected to double in Personalized store experience Retailers are now contemplating ways to use IoT devices, beacons, and mobile apps to provide users with a more personalized experience.

Although many brands previously refrained from selling their goods on Amazon, the e-commerce giant has recently improved its fashion profile.

11 predictions for the future of retail in 2016

They are channel blind, therefore they expect the same service, products, offers, and pricing online as they do in-store and on mobile. Vendors will continue to develop and refine their solutions so they can provide the most accurate and insightful data in the fastest and most convenient ways possible.

Wearables Research by Acquity Group has shown that about seven percent of consumers currently own wearable gadgets such as smart watches, glasses, and fitness monitors.

Customers can access app-based delivery for food and goods anywhere in the mall, with alerts that pick up is ready at one of several food stations.

12 Retail Trends and Predictions for 201

Blockchain Technology Another technology that has the potential to speed up the digitalization of supply chains, which saw interesting developments inis blockchain technology. Retailers will need to market across the demographic spectrum multi-generational, multicultural, the whole income spectrumnot down the middle.

In laterWhole Foods stores also introduced digital price tags.

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In other words, we predict that more retailers will use low-cost, third-party couriers for rapid deliveries. Large retail stores represent a special challenge to continually monitor, and Infiniti expects these problems to be solved by robots roaming the long aisles looking for misplaced items, inaccurate price tags and empty shelves, and then sending data-driven reports back to the main computer system and employees.

Despite these success cases, the main challenge for drone-delivery adoption is regulation.Retail Trends affecting retail strategy over the next decade publications, which aim to offer in-depth analysis of current and future trends and issues affecting retailers.

The series will draw on Instore technology to the fore The increasingly important role of technology instore, as well as online, will also help ensure.

What does the store of the future look like?

The Guardian - Back to home To succeed we need to strike a balance between the online and offline experience. When it comes to the future of retail, I’m convinced that stores will be centre. Future retail technology trends will focus on customers' ease of shopping while transforming the shopping experience, a new report from Infiniti Research said, which identified seven such changes.

The intelligent digital mesh of people, devices, content and services is a foundation for digital business. Evaluating the latest technology trends will help you identify opportunities your organization can exploit to create competitive advantage.

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These five technology trends are transforming society and creating the foundation for future enterprise growth. Citizen AI By “raising” AI responsibly, businesses will create a collaborative, powerful new member of the workforce.

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The current trends in retail technology and the future of retail experience at the end of the decade
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