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If not, which families are being left out of their picture and why? Marketers steal the individuality from kids, sell it, and in doing so, kill it. Advertisements have taken up so much of our public space and discourse, and now even our private with the advancement of technology, that we are constantly being shown what the vision of happiness is, and what we must buy to achieve a satisfying standard of living.

The film poses the question of whether or not advertising expression has been Merchants of cool essay questions and whether marketing is solely consumption. Between market researchers and ethnographers?

Merchants of Cool

If so, does discovering those links influence your opinion of the film or the artist? Look at how a new film or the latest release from a popular band are promoted.

Do you know any "mooks" or "midriffs"? The documentary asks the question: In the program, several market researchers claim that parents contribute to the prominence of the teen market by giving them "guilt" money. This information is gathered and sold to advertisers by data marketers, unbeknownst to us.

Is marketing to teens different from marketing to adults? What techniques might you use to gather evidence to prove or disprove their assertion?

Frontline attributes this to the company's screening location in Time's square, a hub of cultural strategy, among other things. Merchants of cool essay questions Raleigh Illinois australia university admission Houston, new academy canoga park principal, New Jersey what is methodology in thesis writing, Harrogate, Suffolk Merchants of cool essay questions Fayetteville nursing personal statement yahoo.

How do you map what's cool? Why might adults see teen society or culture as so different or closed that they need researchers to tell them what your life is really like?

Not only do marketers seek to find what is cool, they actually hunt it. Merchants of cool essay questions Delaware Moyle. The narrator points out that marketers penetrate teen culture seeking "trend-setting, leaders, attempting to grasp the sub-culture and then through this research diminish any "sub" about it.

Is this kind of narrow control of music inevitable? If a marketer offered you money to log-on to chat rooms or throw a party, would you? Recently, political leaders have objected to filmmakers showing "R" rated films to teens under age 17 in order to find out what would appeal to them.

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Viacom owns MTV which, as depicted by the film, is all an advertisement and all infomercially based. Kids from the seemingly hip-hop sub culture were paid to attend a Sprite promo, displaying rising hip hop artists.

Ironically, marketers have justified "stealth" marketing as necessary because teens have become more media savvy. Merchants of cool essay questions Toronto Chula Vista merchants of cool essay questions need someone to do my essay on architecture for money, Craigavon purchase dissertation abstract on finance due soon Olathe, Arlington.

How do the "mook" and "midriff" stereotypes relate to the corporate interests of the media outlets that perpetuate them in other words, why these particular stereotypes and not some other stereotype? That's what they want to do. Is the "mook" the stereotypically crude, adolescent male real, or just a media construction?

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The narrator talks about this day's younger generation stating: Richmond Merchants of cool essay questions Gilbert merchants of cool essay questions Virginia Beach looking for someone to do term paper on parents due soon, Derby, South Glamorgan, Cabano need someone to make my dissertation chapter on school dress code as soon as possible.

Analyzing Media Does the restrictive structure of MTV, which limits exposure to a small percentage of artists who have significant corporate backing, mean that someone else is really making music choices for us?

And with the advancement of technology, so has marketing research advanced, where we are being specifically being catered to with ads to continue this cycle of finding meaning and happiness through the purchase of goods and services.

The show is illustrated to air very cheap programming to serve as the leading force in creating what is cool to young viewers.

Merchants of Cool

It was very interesting to watch a band grow from underground to mainstream through marketing and as the film first pointed out "cool hunting". Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines Merchants of cool essay questions Arlington write my dissertation abstract on censorship plz persuasive essay to your parents make dissertation conclusion on sociology for me.

The discussion involves many kids who are paid fifty dollars to give their opinion on what's cool.Alex O’Dorisio 1/27/13 English Comp 3 Three Essay Worthy Questions Based Off of the PBS Episode Merchants of Cool 1.

The feedback loop results in a more testosterone filled mook and midriff-minded teenager psyche, will there ever be a maximum point reached with this outward rebellious expression that then results in a slow reversal? In other words if we continuously see the next. Merchants of Cool: Teens and Sexuality Teenagers are bombarded with images and ideas of sex in the media.

However the advertising industries claim that teenagers were already obsessed with sex before the images were plastered all over their world. View Essay - Merchants of Cool Essay and Discussion Questions from SOC at University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

1 Merchants of Cool 23 May Essay Question: 1) Write a short essay. Merchants of Cool. Written response to “Merchants of Cool” Honors Language and Composition Mrs.

Hyatt Respond to one of these prompts in a thoughtful typed one to two pages. If you would like full credit: I am looking for clarity and depth of thought, analysis, clear and concise composition, organization and focus, and a use of rhetorical strategies to help support your ideas.

Feb 25,  · Reaction Essay: The Merchants of Cool Frontline's documentary: The Merchants of Cool does well to cast light on the hyper-focus marketers give to teenagers and United States' youth. The film outlines the industries $ billion market for kids.

As "The Merchants of Cool" shows, Sprite's success with the youth culture was created, in part, by intertwining the marketing of Sprite with Viacom's interests in broadcasting and other media.

Merchants of cool essay questions
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