Efe matrix of tesla motors

Even though overall competition in automobile sectors is extremely high, but due to its unique positioning Tesla Motors does have a competitive advantage in the segment in which it functions. Tesla cannot adopt the low cost or hybrid strategies, because it does not have the scale, capital and production capacity to compete on a cost basis, and actually, it is surviving on only due its product uniqueness design and leading-edge technologies, which allows attracting people to buy their cars.

The success of this strategy depends on the ability to deliver enhanced benefits to customers together with low prices whilst achieving sufficient margins for reinvestment to maintain and develop bases of differentiation. From Technology Start up to Commercialization Vehicle.

The biggest strength of the company is, undoubtedly, their cars. Also the report provides relevant news, an analysis of PR-activity, and stock price movements. Further on, one major aspect which Tesla Motors needs to focus upon is its pricing strategy. They Efe matrix of tesla motors developed good relationship with strategic suppliers, such as partnership with Panasonic, allowing to gain significant benefits for each party and sharing of information Ellram and Krausecited in Waters, and short-term agreements with other suppliers, to replace them with alternative sources in the case of their failure to provide necessary components Tesla Motors, Tesla Motors benefits from having flat organization structure due to better communication process and faster decision-making, eliminating delays and lag time Hill and Jones, Is Tesla merely trying to extract value from an established market through aggressive licensing, or is it trying to create new sources of value?

The company turned to aggressive licensing to stem losses and help finance its digital transformation away from film. The production of the first model, the Tesla Roadster, was stopped in after four years when Tesla shifted production to the Model S LaMonica, For example, for Tesla Motors it will be more important to fulfil its carbon emission regulations first rather than focusing first on donating money to local community.

Low interest rate and easily available funds from venture capitalist Increase in fuel prices have pushed consumers to look for other cheaper energy alternatives.

The growth rate of the entire industry can therefore be considered as high. As already outlined in the first assignment, Tesla is sticking exactly to the strategy it already planned almost ten years ago: Although the GE-Matrix is considered to be more sophisticated, it is criticized for its methodology and the lack of clear guidelines for implementing strategies afterwards Fyall and Garrodp.

Instead, by removing the threat that it will assert its patents, Tesla is trying to shape and accelerate the growth of the industry. Tesla has been a master at driving press coverage, reviews, and awards for its cars.

Tesla cars are new and innovative, and even though people want innovation they are often afraid of it.

How to Interpret CPM Matrix

This message is frequently repeated by the press. All cars are made in Northern California, Fremont factory with all necessary manufacturing operations Tesla Motors, Nearly two years ago I traveled to Cuba. Thus, in future, the rivalry will be more intensive and companies will need to keep innovative, improving and making better cars.

If they are not satisfied with the product, then they will lose their faith in the company and will not buy products from Tesla. Tesla Motors Case II: Tesla Motors, Hence, it needs to optimize its pricing strategy so that its investors can achieve return on their investments.

Considering the fact that Tesla Motors has acquired technical expertise in manufacturing electric cars, it becomes natural that company has supplier system which is unique as well and has taken long time duration to be developed.

EFE Matrix and IFE Matrix for Tesla Company

Is the company making its IP assets widely available, or is it trying to gain advantage by keeping its technology proprietary? The same can be said about Elon Musk and its company.

The macro-environmental factors with company internal processes create good conditions for Tesla growth in future and making it one of the leading automantufacturing companies that provides excellent products with the best technologies and design at convenient cost.

They are building a new luxury brand from scratch They are evangelizing a new type of vehicle: Its partnership with organisations like Daimler, Toyota and Panasonic has helped the organisation to share critical automobile technology to support its business.

And the process has remained unpopular for decades:Ziwei Song; Tesla Motors. February – May • Analyzed Tesla’s business model, financial data, current strategies in corporate, business and functional levels • Designed IFE and EFE matrix to identify Tesla’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats • Provided recommendations to address the company’s current Title: IELTS at Pearson.

Tesla Ansoff Matrix is a marketing planning model that can be used by the alternative fuel vehicles manufacturer to make strategic decisions.

According to Ansoff Matrix, there are four different strategy options available for businesses: market penetration, product development, market.

TSLA Stock – The Top 5 Threats to Tesla Motors Porsche Mission E is latest challenge to Musk and Co. By Jim Woods, Editor-in-Chief, Successful ETF Investing, Stock Investor's Blueprint http.

Tesla Motors Case Study by Team Ferris Ohio University MBA Strategic Planning is defined as a set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-term performance of a corporation.

It includes strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation and control. Tesla Motors unveiled the ultra-sporty Tesla Roadster at the SF International Auto Show in Nov.

While the model’s design was not unique, Tesla’s electric drivetrain technology was.

Efe matrix of tesla motors
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